The idea for the current version (JobControl) was created in 2000 and since 2010 the version 2.8 has been successfully used.

We are currently working on a completely new version, namely Xcontrol. The basic concept is the same, but it has been newly implemented according to the latest technological knowledge.

In principle, Xcontrol is still an event-driven “job handler”. Due to its open architecture (plugins), the software is able to connect a wide range of data sources.

Xcontrol is, of course, capable of processing all jobs (jobs) in parallel. The performance is only limited by the hardware used.
At the Raiffeisen Zentralbank Zurich, the entire day-end processing is now being processed using JobControl.

In case of malfunctions or job errors, an e-mail and, if necessary, SMS messages are triggered.

An escalation chain can be created via our software Xalert.
Xalert checks important Xcontrol jobs and will start escalation if something is not running properly.

Xalert is an integral part of Xcontrol.