We create, host and maintain your new (or existing) website/shop.

Simple or complex website

Basically everything you need:

  • Any number of web pages
  • Picture galleries
  • Contact forms
  • Blog Posts
  • Sliders
  • Webshop
  • and many more …

The price is mostly determined by the number of pages.
The number of products also plays a role in shop solutions.

Here some samples (please click for bigger view):

Individually programmed website

A web application is a web page with individually programmed functions.
– You have, for example, very specific requirements,
– or perhaps you want to connect a different kind of systems

In principle, we can build on top of an existing CMS, e.g. WordPress (PHP), or a completely individual solution professionally programmed in C # .NET.

As a example our product eXXam:

Or here an intranet application which we were able to implement for the canton of Zurich:

Are you interested? Ask us, we are pleased to help you !